Nintendo Switch Up Close and Personal

Nintendo Switch is only a few months from now. Switch fans are itching for this brand new console and i’m pretty sure this guys wants to see it in there hands anytime soon. so what would be a better way to see it? Capturing it on you hands up close. Giuseppe Nelva of Dual Shockers took the liberty of satisfying you guys with the detailed photos of Nintendo Switch.

Although the dummy console was a little lighter because there’s no boards and circuits in it. he could not determine its actual weight, nonetheless the actual dimensions and details are present, from the buttons to joysticks, slide panels, screws and cartridge mounts. it’ll give you a sizeable idea on how you could work on it outside your comforters.

From the looks of it,  It might be portable, but  you wouldn’t want to take it out on public as the its a little larger than you expect. It would be entertaining on a bus ride or a long trip with family and friends.

Much has been said, but don’t take my word for it. Now take a peek.

all photos from Dual Shockers

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Author: ryannma

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