5 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With Horizon Zero Dawn

Already poised as one of E3’s top most anticipated games of 2017, Horizon zero dawn Set 1,000 years in the future, the game focuses on aloy’s search for answers about herself, about her world and about the mechanical monstrosities roaming the Earth.


developed by Guerrilla Games, being one of the best of PlayStation’s first-party developers, they have been known to works such as the incredible looking first person shooter Killzone games,  but Guerilla have left the franchise behind to release a brand new way more ambitious franchise, the Horizon: Zero Dawn.

So here are the 5 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With Horizon Zero Dawn

1. Full Variety of Dinosaur Robots


Due to some apocalyptic tragedy (most probably World War 3), humans have reverted to living like their prehistoric ancestors. Tribal villages and a superstitious people that scour the landscape that are filled with mechanized beasts, That’s right! Monsters both big and small, ferocious and calm with metal skin and teeth run those there lands.  I can confirm that there are more than 24 robots in the game including some epic boss battles. The great thing is that the developers have been very clever in grouping different robots together at different times in order to keep battles interesting.

2. You Can Control these Robot Beasts

You can override hack these mechanized beasts. not only that, each serves a purpose in the environment that could help you to your advantage. for example, striders are runners, so if you override it, you can traverse the land way more faster, more like a robotic horse, another this is the Tallnecks, if you climb up at the top of its head and override it you can locate hidden areas or point of interests around the map to help you explore the area., It’ll be interesting to see in what other ways you can interact with robots.

3. Girl power, Could Aloy be the next lara Croft?

Could Aloy could be the nexy lara Croft? She’s not some sexed-up tart meant to titillate, but instead a complex, realistic character with deep motivations and serious skills. In the demo, a man she rescues tells her to run, and she makes it clear that she doesn’t run when others are in danger. He calls her “crazy” but she doesn’t mind. As he runs off to safety, she continues on her quest to find answers and make her world a safer place.

4. The Customization Option here is very deep 

Customization here are so expansive, at first i had my doubts but when i saw the demo that made my heart satisfied. just like Far cry, You can modify your weapons, outfits, ammo traps and potions. There’s also there three different skill-sets that you can upgrade based on your play-style, Aloy has a number of tricks up her sleeve, including wicked archery skills, the ability to craft bombs, even armor, both on the estetiques level and stats.

5. Combat is satisfying with the depth of an RPG

Some people can’t help to compare Horizon Zero Dawn to Far Cry and The Witcher, but those games have their own strenth, this has one too, the game has its own strength with real-time battle systems often seem to drag on with one boring battle after another after another. Not here. While Aloy hunts and tracks, she must stay on her toes given how many creatures roam the land and how much damage they can do if they catch her, but as time goes on and you come across bigger and nastier robots, you’ll need a more appropriate arsenal of weapons and Horizon delivers. You’ll get a Blast Sling which is essentially a giant slingshot, the Ropecaster which allows you to tie enemies down and the shock wire wire which allows you to essentially trap robots using shock or other methods.

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Author: ryannma

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