Pokémon Go’ Valentine’s Day Event And Big News Update Event

Still got no dates? don’t worry Pokemon GO’s got you covered, February is here and Pokémon Go’ Valentine’s Day Event couple with some major update is just around the corner and will keep you busy to care about you love life,

Pokémon Go has already celebrated a few major holidays, including Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s, and the fans are already excited about the upcoming Pokemon Go in February, update and in-game event for Valentine’s Day.

Our anonymous source with knowledge of the subject suggests that Niantic is far less likely, now, to follow the end-of-month event schedule they’d more or less set in motion in the last several months of 2016. In light of the forthcoming celebration of Valentine’s Day this month, fans are expecting something big from the game.

Pokemon Go” did not hold an in-game event for the New Lunar Year and fans are now hoping that Niantic will release a “Pokemon Go” Valentine’s Day update and in-game event soon. According to reports, Niantic released new “Pokemon Go” updates for iOS and Android which were not major but rather small and significant nevertheless. Reports claim that a “Pokemon Go” event for Valentine’s Day is possible, especially because a new batch of Gen 2 pocket monsters are about to come out.

Pokemon matchmaking and Breeding


So the introduction of gender to Pokémon Go would be a huge change. Valentine’s Day is the best opportunity and marketing-wise, to introduce the gender and breeding system into Pokémon Go. It’s also, likely to bring Pokémon breeding into the game for good, which is one good reason why Niantic might be taking its time to introduce this major new feature just right for the players. Considering that the game is almost about random chances of catching certain species of Pokémon and Pokémon breeding ought to give players precisely as many of a certain species as they want, Niantic may need to balance this mechanics very very carefully.

Another thing is we might see some new love-themed clothings for Pokemon GO. The most recent update to the app suggests new clothing elements may appear for the user, not for pokemons

Still, assuming that a Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day update is really in the works, we should know for sure in just a couple more weeks. for more news regarding Pokemon Go, stay updated here on our site.

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