Terry Crews teases Overwatch fans with a hilarious mock Doomfist audition

Terry has decided to tease fans once more with a mock audition for Doomfist.  A new video from Yahoo Esports comes pretty damn close to making that dream come true.

Crews is a fan of Overwatch and even has his own custom built computer to play the game. Even The Rock has backed Terry up, saying he should get the role in a Twitter post. audition with Yahoo! Esports, Crews read for the part of Doomfist and he certainly packs a punch.

The actor reads some quotes which could fit the Doomfist persona — a character who has a presence throughout the Overwatch universe but who has yet to actually appear in-game.

The 55 second clip was done by Yahoo! Esports and gives a fans a good idea towards Terry’s Doomfist voicing. Doomfist has been teased throughout Overwatch in the very first cinematic along with tie-ins here and there and even Reaper makes mention of him, but still no official word from Blizzard.

In any case, I think there would be actual rioting if Terry Crews did not voice Doomfist now. With it being three months since Sombra’s release, we are overdue for a new hero so keep your eyes out for potential Doomfist related news coming soon.


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Author: ryannma

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