Some Nier: Automata Cosplays You Might Want To Check Out

As you already now Square Enix streamed PlatinumGames, Nier: Automata is already out in the market, and taking alot of good reviews. making it one of the contender for the best game of the year this 2017.

and we all know the rule that if it exist and very popular, somewhere out there is already cosplaying it, Nier: Automata is no exeption to fans, 2B outfits were already make their way through the internet last fall, and there has already been quite a bit of 2B cosplay,

Cosplay is often a good gauge to judge how popular a game or an anime is with fans, So we have compiled some pictures of the Best 2B cosplays and their cosplayers currently in existence. Have fun!

Source: nikukyuu


Source: Helly von Valentine


Source: Misa Chiang

Source :Nasu

Expect to see more this year. And maybe next! Nier: Automata is already out now in the market and is currently given some very positive reviews. so what do you think of these cosplays? comment below

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Author: ryannma

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