Overwatch Director Confirms That Symmetra Has Autism

Autistic and Loved

Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch Game Director, has confirmed what fans have speculated due to a dialog found at an Overwatch Comic book. Symmetra hints that she is different from everyone, and questions where she fits in on the spectrum.

In a response to a fan mail, he explains that she is one of the most beloved heroines at Blizzard Entertainment. It is their goal to show that people with the Autism Spectrum Disorder can in fact do great things. Blizzard also confirmed to GamesBeat that Kaplan did write the letter to the fan and that Symmetra is indeed autistic.

Overwatch : Diversity is Important

This isn’t as shocking as it seems, with how Blizzard has shown that they intend to bring diversity to the game. Not just with ages and ethnicities, but also with their personalities. On the December issue of the Overwatch Comics, Tracer is revealed to be gay.

Just how will Blizzard surprise us next? No one knows, and that’s the fun part!

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