The Upcoming Pokémon Go Saint Patrick’s Day Event

Fresh off the 16th Pokémon Go Migration, people are already looking into the possible Saint Patrick’s Day event. Niantic hasn’t announced anything just yet, though it’s not impossible given their past events. Fans of the game have been in an rampage, speculating on what the update might (if any) be.

The Luck of the Irish

The Silph Road community are at it again, speculating the event and dubbing it, The Luck of the Irish. It’s all due to the comment made previously at the DICE Awards, where players are told to “save your candies“. Suggesting an event related to an increase in Experience from evolving your Pokémons. And what better way to match the event, but with Lucky Eggs!

Green Pokémons for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Another Silph Road thread talks about the possibility of featuring Green-Colored Pokémons for the event. The likes of Bulbasaur and Chikorita come to mind. This event doesn’t seem to far fetched as well, all thanks to the previous Valentine’s Day event. An event in which Fairy-Type and Pink-Colored Pokémon appeared much more during the event.

Niantic’s Word?

With all the speculations from users around the world, Niantic has yet to make an announcement regarding the upcoming event. It is possible that Niantic disregards the holiday all together and and surprise us with a different event. Stay tuned here for more information regarding Pokémon Go!

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