Final Fantasy 15 1st DLC footage of Gladiolus in action

Gladiolus, the most heavy armed-brute of Noctis in Final Fantasy XV had his DLC released this past weekend. Taking on the his  first center stage happened at PAX East and luckily Gamespot managed to capture his glorious 15 minutes.

The video provided was enough to know what was Gladiolus’ goals. What’s more is that the footage gives us a fine look of the iconic blabber-mouth FF villain, Gilgamesh. Although he’s seen more often as an ally with his red scarf over his full armored body.

The DLC is expected just to be 2-3 hours long

This first chapter in Final Fantasy XV’s DLC will have additional 2-3 hours of gameplay, enough to master his moves. It will be launched on PS4 and Xbox One on march 28 and the next chapter will be expected sometime around June.

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