Will Overwatch See The Daylight On Nintendo Switch? Jeff Kaplan answers

Director Jeff Kaplan of Overwatch was asked if the game can make its way to Nintendo Switch. His answer was not very favorable to the console but it still on Blizzard’s watchful eyes.

“My second favorite gaming platform of all time is the 3DS. Getting [Overwatch] on the Switch is very challenging for us. But we’re always open minded about exploring possible platforms.” Kaplan wrote.

Switch isn’t that much powerful done the other consoles by a large scale but Overwatch doesn’t require much high-end specs for it to be played. It’s possible that he didn’t mean it would be challenging to put it on Switch because of its performance but somehow it was part of the story.

A bit vague but you get the point here right?

The other challenge was the fact that Nintendo won’t be launching pay-to-play online service until fall and its unknown well it will fare among competitive online gaming like Overwatch. its’ also possible that Blizzard doesn’t have the full details about Nintendo’s online support or things just doesn’t fit at all. There’s a lot of ideas on how why or why-nots here but we’ll have to wait for their next move.

if it was possible on Switch, we’d be playing Overwatch anywhere, like literraly anywhere. And while your at it, I’ll leave it to your imagination.



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Author: kenneth sanchez

Been playing games since the dawn of Mario. Although was not given the chance to have his own console when he was a kid– got through it by playing with friends.

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