Mass Effect Andromeda: PC vs PS4 Pro vs Xbox One, Graphics Comparison

Mass Effect Andromeda has been lingering for a while now and everyone one’s hyped upon it reveal. Fortunately for us the game will be released in a few days and it’s will not be long until we here these questions:

Still wondering where to play Mass Effect Andromeda?

Confused on what platform it plays best?

Well between this powerful consoles, IGN‘s got you covered. Although it’s not something that would actually determine on which console would it be best played with, but would help you which console would you liked it played better.

here’s a quick glance to show you guys:

It seems pretty decent

but of course PC has to take the win since it is actually the most powerful console here don’t you think?

All comparisons aside, it looks decent on every console, you just have to be a little more curious about the small details if you’re a picky one.

Tell us what you think. Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this March 21, 2017.

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Author: kenneth sanchez

Been playing games since the dawn of Mario. Although was not given the chance to have his own console when he was a kid– got through it by playing with friends.

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  1. Pc and ps4 are very close, even in 4k ! But pc stay better and sharper if you have the money to buy a master race machine ^^

    Here is another good comparison:

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