Pokémon Go Players finds a Way to Bypass Speed Restrictions

Don’t Pokémon Go and Drive!

Ever since the rise of Pokémon Go, fans have always been out searching for the next Pokémon to catch. Sadly, this has affected the game in a negative way, more specifically, driving players.

It’s no surprise that people would be using their phones when driving, however, this proves fatal in some cases for Pokémon players. Since the release of the game, there had been a rise in car accidents due to speeding players looking for Pokémons or Pokéstops. And due to that, Niantic had placed a speed limit, which restricted players going 30 MPH from seeing Pokémons or interacting with Pokéstops. However, this also included passengers from playing the game.

A solution?

Due to this restriction, players have been trying to find a workout to the restriction. And surprisingly, one has been found, for now. According to a Reddit user who posted “A quick tip how to spin Pokéstops as a car passenger”;

I’ve recently discovered if you open up the journal and close it close enough to a Pokestop, no matter how fast you are travelling, you’ll be able to get the loot.

The interval is short, that not everyone who tries it gets it on their first try. Niantic has not made a comment regarding the “tip” as of yet. It is still debatable on whether or not they would remove it from the current game. Seeing as how hard it is to achieve the desired goal while actually driving.

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    Pover up Pokemon point is 4000 5000 after take one Pokemon point is 100 120 not fair

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