Mass Effect Andromeda performance issues on consoles

Mass Effect Andromeda : Trouble in the new Galaxy?

With the game on everyone’s eye, it’s no surprise that Mass Effect Andromeda would get mixed reviews. Some target the story, asking why the game is even considered to be part of the Mass Effect series. While most blame the game’s “poor” performance , new engine, Bioware’s Frostbite.

Tried and Tested

Digital Foundry, had tested the game on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And the results were surprisingly consistent on both consoles. Both games are capped off at 30-FPS, and drops to mid 20s during chaotic combat. The PlayStation 4 is said to perform “sightly” better compared to the Xbox One, but neither are worthy of praise at this point.

BioWare seems to be having a hard time getting Frostbite to play well with consoles. On the vanilla PS4, the game mostly renders at a native 1080p — shrinking to 900p in some cutscenes. The Xbox One, on the other hand, generally sticks to 900p with drops to an oddball resolution of 1344×756 for some scenes.

Better Platform, Better Performance?

The PlayStation Pro is assumed the 1800p checkerboard mode to perform better, with all the extra processing power it has. And the PC requirements seem to be reasonable enough for the game, that begs the question, will the game run any better on the high-end of the PC spectrum? With the game seeming unfinished, it puts a lot of questions if it’s worth playing at all.

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