What Overwatch Heroes Would Look Like If Their From Final Fantasy

Some Final fantasy players have also played overwatch and a few can’t help but to imagine, what would overwatch heroes be like if they exist in the world of final fantasy.

Luckily there’s a group of Korean artists fans out there taking Blizzard’s Heroes and remakeing them to look like something out of the Final Fantasy universe.

The project is called Overwatch Fantasia, good thing Kotaku found out when it posted an article talking about the project, a fan project fueled by passion who took it upon themselves to design Overwatch characters straigh out of the Final Fantasy universe. It’s a wonderful idea, and one that has produced a number of wondrous works of art, which you can find more on on their official Overwatch Fantasia pagesome of the artwork pieces are posted below. so feel free to visit their site and enjoy their artworks

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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Author: ryannma

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