Battlefield 1’s Very First Expansion Is Now Available

Battlefields 1 first expansion pack is now available for every players who owns a copy of the game. It came out this March 14 for BF: Premium Members but is now Available for everyone

Entitled “They Shall Not Pass” , adds the French Army and four new maps that is set in France. It is available today for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for the price of $15 on all systems it is available. However, EA/Origin Access subscribers on Xbox One and PC have a special 10% discounts, which comes as $13.50

In line with the new expansion pack, “They Shall Not Pass” gives the players additional two new Operations, Six new unlockable weapons, the Char 2 Behemoth tank and a new game mode Frontlines.

Still not in to it are we? Watch these preview for the new expansion pack as it emerses the players to the new add-on.

There will be three more expansions coming to Battlefield 1 that will be released these coming months.



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Author: kenneth sanchez

Been playing games since the dawn of Mario. Although was not given the chance to have his own console when he was a kid-- got through it by playing with friends.

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