Blizzard Store Launches High End Collectible Overwatch and World of Warcraft

Blizzard Collectibles and Premium Items

Blizzard Collectibles marks the beginning of high end “premium” items to be sold to fans of Blizzard games. Only five products are available as of now but Blizzard does ensure consumers that more are on its way.


Fan favorite Tracer and shotgun wielding Reaper represent Blizzard’s all time favorite shooter game, Overwatch. Both figures cost $150 and are over 10 inches tall.

World of Warcraft

As for the long running success of a MMO game, World of Warcraft, who else but the iconic Illidan Stormage to be their front liner? Let’s not forget the rage driven Grommash Hellscream Both these collectibles would cost $350 and that’s simply because they’re bigger. Illidan stands at an outstanding 24 inches / 2 feet and Grommash at 18 inches.


It’s something we didn’t except, but turned out to be something worth while. And that would be the Hearthstone Keepsake Box. The item is priced at $225 and is made with polystone and lined with velvet. The rune in the middle of the box lights up as you open it, it also plays Hearthstone theme music!

Future Plans?

Blizzard has made plans for the future when it comes to their collectibles. Widowmaker of Overwatch is already out for pre-ordering but no date has been announced as to when the product would be release. They’ve also hinted that more collectibles would be ready as the year progresses but no clue has been given as to what game the collectible will be for. Some hope they would introduce a new game as well, namely StarCraft.

Take a look at the products and maybe you might find yourself buying one for yourself! Visit the store here!

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