Should We Expect An April Fools Day Event For The Pokemon Go?

The wildly successful Water Festival event has finally come to an end, and the Internet is already talking about what should we expect for the Pokemon Go aprils fool event, or should expect in the first place?

Most people are expecting that the next event will be the Easter event, it’s a huge holiday. But could there be a Pokemon GO April fools day event first?

When we think about April fools day, we imagine pranks, tricks, and practical jokes; all of which could be implemented quite well in a Pokemon GO event.

For those who don’t remember, Google released an epic trailer for what they called the “Pokemon Challenge”. In this trailer, it showed players out in the real-world trying to catch as many Pokemon as possible (sound familiar?), and promised a job at Google for the first person to complete the task of catching them all.

In an interview with Popular Science, in the weeks before Pokemon GO was released, John Hanke had this to say about the creation of the game: “The idea for Pokémon Go came from the 2014 Google Maps prank. That was the first interaction between Niantic and the Pokémon Company.

Therefore, many players are saying that it would make sense to have a Pokemon GO April fools day event as a “throwback” to their origins.

But unfortunately Niantic Labs recently released Pokemon GO update v0.59.2. Based on the contents of the update, it appears that a Pokemon GO April Fools event might not push through.

According to The Silph Road, Pokemon GO‘s GAME_Master contained no changes at all. They have only found substantive additions in the code that added two sponsor types: Salamander and Plancha.

Previous Pokemon GO events held by Niantic Labs were announced days before the event would start. However, the recent Water Festival Event was surprisely announced only a day before the event itself, so trainers still have a few time left to expect any announcements from Niantic.

If April 1, 2017 comes and no announcement or noticeable changes are noticed, an April Fools event is definitely ruled out. Niantic Labs usually hold in-game events in commemoration of real-life events held worldwide.


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