Battlefield 1′ DLC Maps Are Coming For Free

DICE has announced that “Battlefield 1” will be receiving an downloadable content (DLC) update that will allow players to play with their premium friends

DICE introduces a solution in the form of a new feature called Premium Friends, It seems like the game will now let users team up with a friend who has purchased premium content, and then enjoy all the benefits offered part of the premium pack, except premium vehicles and weapons.

“We’ll have some more information regarding maps testing fairly soon,” one developer stated on Reddit. “The way the community map turned out in BF4 was great, and we really liked it, and it is often brought up in meetings as something we should be doing more of.”

Another perk the owner of the “Battlefield 1” Season Pass or current DLC has is that they get to be the only ones who enjoy the map-exclusive weapons, vehicles, codexes and medals.

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To be more specific the details covered by Gamespot, non-premium players will be able to access all maps part of the DLC as long as they have a friend who has purchased “Battlefield 1” Premium or the expansion pack at the least.

The major bonus for non-premium players is the benefit of playing maps offered exclusively on a paid basis, but as a setback, non premium players won’t receive any kind of rewards which  since they’re not paying for the DLC.

Once the map completed all the tests and polish, Operation Outbreak was released in the Battlefield 4 Community Operations expansion.

All of the DLC coming to Battlefield 1 in 2017 have already been scheduled, which means there’s no release room this year for a Battlefield 1 Community Operations expansion


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