Overwatch Teases Potential New Event Coming On April 12

The official Blizzard Twitter account for Australia and New Zealand posted a brief video, accompanied by the message: “Initiating archive declassification… Mission files unlock: 12 April.” From the looks of it, we may be seeing a new skin for Tracer as well as new lore concerning the King’s Row map from Overwatch.


The teaser went out at the top of the hour on Overwatch‘s global Twitter account. Already on Reddit, Overwatch fans are picking it apart for clues.

It is unclear what the Tweet is hinting at. One possibility could be a message projected on the screen seen in the video. The message reads, “King’s Row uprising entering into record seven years ago. Security clearance required: confidential.

King’s Row

The King’s Row Uprising seven years ago may be the aftermath of Widowmaker’s successful assassination of Tekhartha Mondatta. There’s no mention of the date of his assassination from the animated short and we’ve never heard the consequences of his death.

A rotating 3D model of Tracer also is shown briefly. There’s some kind of a flyer or poster referencing a “mandatory robot registration,” most likely pointing to the Omnic Crisis from Overwatch lore.

Blizzard has a history of teasing character reveals and in-game events. A bunch of teases appeared to hint the game’s latest character would be Doomfist, though that hero ended up being Orisa.

From the teaser, there are four background screens.

  • Mandatory Robot Registration with a QR code.
  • A picture which may depict an Omnic Corporation.
  • A screen of a new possible Tracer skin.
  • Security camera footage of a subway system.

We’ll learn the truth on April 12, which is a week from now.


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