Will There Be A Pokemon GO Easter Event We’ve All Been Hoping For?

“Pokémon GO” players are hoping that Niantic Labs has something up its sleeves to celebrate the Easter holiday 

Just recently, Niantic has ended its Pokemon GO Water Festival Event which increased the spawn rate of all water-type Pokemon and also introduced us the first shiny Pokemon, Magikarp. With the completion of the event, some are wondering what’s the next event in Pokemon GO.

While nothing has been announced regarding an Easter update, Niantic has celebrated other major holidays, so a new event seems likely, an Easter event is likely to incorporate eggs in some way, perhaps making them easier to hatch.

Looking at the calendar, the next holiday is Easter. Niantic skips the St. Patrick’s Day and April fools day for the Water Festival, the possibility of a major Easter Event. The folks at Niantic are likely to go for it over the exact set of temporary bonuses they should release during the next event – double-xp, half-distance eggs, and half-distance Pokemon Buddy Candy notwithstanding., probably even another shiny pokemon.

Pokemon GO Easter Event Speculations

Reddit user believes that reducing the distance to be able to hatch eggs will be a perfect promotion for “Pokémon GO” for Easter. He suggests that instead of 2, 5 and 10 kilometers, players will just need to tread 1, 2 and 4 km, respectively.

Perhaps the likeliest gimmick that the studio can pull on Easter for “Pokémon GO” is cutting the distance of walking players need to do in order to hatch eggs, there are also speculations that the Easter event for “Pokémon GO” will have something to do with the Lucky Egg.

Here are the possible features that we might see in Pokemon GO Easter Event:

  • Spawn rate increase for Pokemon with egg-related structures. Examples of Pokemon that will be affected are Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Chansey and more.
  • Egg hatching distance will be temporarily reduced. Making a 2km egg to 1km, 5km egg to 3km and 10km egg to 5km.
  • One-time use free incubator. Just like before, players will get a free incubator daily.
  • Drop rate increase for the lucky egg. The fact that Easter is all about eggs, a drop rate increase of lucky would make sense. As we can also remember, one of Niantic’s employee told us to save our candies. Maybe this is the reason why.
  • Releasing new shiny Pokemon. This is all that we want right? ?

Well according to Mic.com, this event might be what the Niantic employee was talking about back at the DICE Awards when he advised gamers to “save your candy.”

At the moment, Niantic is yet to announce a “Pokémon GO” Easter promotion, but Slashgear advises players to prepare for anything nonetheless.

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