Terry Crew Hypes Doomfist at E3 But Jeff Kaplans Downplayed It

If you’ve been a follower in the Overwatch scene for a long time, you’re probably know that Terry Crews has been rumored to be the yet unrevealed character named Doomfist. Started as a petition kicked off by a fan, but it has since spiraled into something much bigger.
Earlier in the week, Crews kicked up these rumors again when he posted a video to his Facebook page in which he teased that he’ll be a part of some kind of “major surprise” at E3, saying, “ya’ll know what it is.” At this point in the video, Overwatch was running in the background on Crews’ PC, leading some to believe this was actually an elaborate tease that a Doomfist reveal was finally on the horizon, according to PVP Live.
However, in a post on the Overwatch forums, director Jeff Kaplan downplayed a fan’s hopes about what Blizzard might reveal at E3, saying the Overwatch team wouldn’t have a presence there at all.
Jeff Kaplan says the Overwatch team “won’t be at E3” and won’t be announcing anything “at the show” but they could very well announce something concurrently. It’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out.
Kaplan’s comment was in response to a post about Blizzard’s E3 plans more generally, but it certainly seems to be incompatible with those earlier Doomfist rumors.
E3 2017 takes place from Tuesday, June 13 through Thursday, June 15, though some companies will be running their own press conferences scattered in the days leading up to the 13th.
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Author: ryannma

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