Pokemon Go Easter Event is Finally Over, Android Security Update Will End Spoofing While Niantic Is Already Cooking Something For Summer

Niantic’s most recent event is almost over, meaning that 2KM eggs will go back to their normal alloted Pocket Monsters.

While it’s currently not known what new Pokemon Go update will follow the Easter Event, Niantic have confirmed at least one new feature they’re working on.

Spoofing, the act of fooling the game into thinking your in a different location, is being targeted by the development team in an upcoming patch.

“Thanks for all your reports. We’re working to add functionality to stop spoofing, and your reports are helping us with our investigations,” Niantic told fans on Twitter.

It follows the news that the latest Android Security update has made it a lot harder for players to spoof their location, indeed many of the tools currently available on the Play Store no longer work.

Android 7.1 security update will make it a lot harder to people to use spoofing in Pokemon Go, however, it won’t erase it completely.


Niantic is already working hard for the upcoming summer event

During a recent interview with K-Tai Watch, developers from the Japanese division of Niantic took some time out to talk about some of the things players can look forward to seeing.

A translation of the interview was provided by Pokémon Go Hub, and according to it, more events are apparently on the way.

Specifically, there is one particular event taking place this summer that has been described as “huge” and it may be involved in some way to raids.

While more details about the summer event have not been revealed, rumors are already hinting that this may be the one related to Legendary Pokémon that players have been waiting to hear more about for quite a while now.

Beyond the summer event, there may still be other dates on the calendar that “Pokémon Go” players will want to pay attention to, with the report adding that smaller events on par with the “Water Festival” may also go live over the course of this year. Whether or not these other events will introduce new types of Shiny Pokémon may be something players will have to discover for themselves.

Lastly, the developers also indicated that new features for the game are already being worked on.

The features being worked on include trading, the aforementioned raids and some PvP-focused additions, though there are still no timelines provided for when these may be officially launched.

More details about the possible additions that may soon be added to “Pokémon Go” as well as the events that could be held before the end of this year should be made available in the near future.


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