Which Countries have The Best Overwatch players?

After nearly a month of battling it out, 32 countries have qualified for the Overwatch World Cup

Last year’s event saw some three million people cast their votes in order to help establish national rosters, with more than 50 countries represented in the final tournament.
Last year’s champions, South Korea, will defend their crown against nations from around the world. The MVP of last year’s tournament was Winston main Miro, who has gone on to help Lunatic-Hai to several high placings in South Korea’s APEX tournament.
In 2017, Blizzard took a little more control over the team recruitment process, with the studio tracking the top 100 players across each country.
The studio hopes this will open the door for more countries to participate, as the voting system restricted the number of players from each country in last year’s event.
Here’s how the countries stacked up, as well as their skill rating:
  1. China  4550
  2. South Korea  4522
  3. United States 4470
  4. Sweden 4309
  5. Finland  4295
  6. United Kingdom 4293
  7. Canada 4291
  8. France 4268
  9. Denmark 4259
  10. Russia 4221
  11. Germany 4219
  12. Japan 4184
  13. Australia  4184
  14. Taiwan 4162
  15. Netherlands  4147
  16. Hong Kong 4113
  17. Norway 4101
  18. Poland 4093
  19. Brazil 4071
  20. Italy 4068
  21. Spain  4051
  22. Israel  4007
  23. Singapore  4002
  24. Thailand   3999
  25. Argentina  3992
  26. Turkey 3960
  27. Belgium 3942
  28. Vietnam 3941
  29. Portugal 3930
  30. New Zealand 3922
  31. Austria 3900
  32. Romania 3861
Claiming the number one spot is China, with an average skill rating of 4,550. Just under that is South Korea, with a skill rating of 4,522, and coming in third is the United States with an average skill rating of 4,470.
Bad news for Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the United Arab Emirates, which came in 33rd, 34th, and 35th, respectively. So close!
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