Pokémon GO Eggs: Gen 2 And Gen 1 Are Now Easier To Hatch

The Eggstavaganza event of pokemon go has finally ended but good thing Niantic has left fans with a post Easter gift

Gen 2 starter Pokémon are now hatching from five-kilometer eggs. Gen 1 starters, meanwhile, started coming out of two-kilometer eggs as well, making the task of collecting these starters way faster.

This fact changed after the Easter event, with more Pokémon fans now able get them. Pokémon eggs that has been obtained after the event started hatching into one of the Gen 2 starter Pokémon,

The users from Reddit were the ones who confirmed the discovery that Gen 2 starters can be found in five-kilometer eggs, a change that Niantic seems to have implemented after the “Pokémon GO” Easter event.

Since the confirmation, more users have reported hatching one of the Gen 2 trio out of five- kilometer eggs found after the event. According to user bufu9k, “Can confirm. Hatched two Cyndaquil out of post-event eggs already! (100% sure the eggs were picked up post-event),” while user unbelievable1 confirms “I hatched a totodile from a 5km egg obtained after the event also.”

The Gen 1 Pokémon  Bulbusaur, Charmander and Squirtle hatch from two-kilometer eggs

The Gen 1 Pokémon seem to have been changed by Niantic as well, with users claiming to have hatched one of Bulbusaur, Charmander or Squirtle from two-kilometer eggs, down from the usual five-kilometer eggs.

So far Niantic Labs has yet to make an official announcement or update about these changes. “Pokémon GO” players though, having been used to the company making undocumented changes every now and then.

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