Pokemon GO and FIFA mobile Malware might be installed in your phone! Over 2 million units Hacked!

Malware might be installed in your phone! Especialy for Pokemon GO and FIFA mobile players as they are one of the most leading games with the same name as “Pokémon Go Guides” or “FIFA Mobile Guides”. Millions of smartphones have been hit by this malware through downloading these game guides.

These false guides are hidden in nearly 40 apps in the google play store disguised as game guides to provide “help” and “tips” for gamers including Pokémon GO and FIFA mobile.

Here’s how they get in your phone, when a mobile gamer downloads these sneaky guide apps for games, upon installing, these malwares creates a “silent botnet” from the infected device.

it allows hackers to obtain collective informations without alarming the device owners. These apps also request admin permission which you would probably tap “okay”, these prevents you from deleting the fake game guide from your device.

According to the CheckPoint Researchers, cybercriminals have been using this scam since November of 2016, and has been downloaded 2 million times. now that’ a terrifying number of phones infected.


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Author: ryannma

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