8 New And Improve Features of Pokemon GO

3 weeks has already passed and since the release of Generation 2 Pokemons and the hype is still lingering among players. With the new update, the augmented reality game has been trending on the net the entire month and has a whopping 35 million active users at the moment.

The new Pokemons somehow sparked the players enthusiasm and has been capturing more Pokemons since then, and I am guilty as well. But to much of this satisfactions for me, other players are still thirsty for more. They want more features like trading Pokemons and battling with friends.

Fear no more though as the Niantic's CEO himself confirmed that only 10% of the whole planned content was implemented into the game, there 90% percent more to look forward to.

Here are some of the update we have and will be implanted in the near future:

The Three Team Leaders

This guys are the one you should ask if your pokemons are good enough for battle or to be set out for free candies. We all know these guys so just skip ahead.

Improved Tracking System

With the new Nearby tracking system, pokemons are now shown near pokestops which makes it more convenient. While the old Nearby System was really hard to follow as it does tell you how for or how near the pokemon you're tracking.

More Pokémon including Legendary Pokémon coming to the Game

Niantic has mentioned that Legendaries will not be implemented until the game has launched world wide. it also seems that these guys will only be available through an event. But the AR game will be released in other continents like Asia, Africa and South America next month. Which means we're a step closer to see these legends.

Pokémon Trading


Niantic has already mentioned that Trading has been the core element of Pokémon and we are hoping that these feature be implemented on the game sooner.

Pokémon Battle with Friends

We've seen Gym Battles in the Pokémon franchise and GO but its definitely more fun having battles with your friends. although it might not be sooner but we will definitely see it's release.

City Wide Events

Pokémon GO will be hosting city wide events that would cater large group of players to battle against one major objective. Think of it as a AR “raids” (World of Warcraft)  or AR “War of Emperium” (Ragnarok Online). This will definitely boost social media interaction and camaraderie.

Team Battles

There's nothing more fun than playing with your teammates. Team battles makes it possible fighting with your friends against your fiends, or rather the opposing team. As if team rivalry isn't enough.

Pokémon Center

Pokémon Centers are key components of the Pokémon franchise as this establishments is where you heal your injured or fainted Pokémon. However, Pokemons in the AR game can only be healed with potions and revives.

This features will soon be available so long as the AR game will be released worldwide. It might not be anytime soon but will be in time.


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Author: kenneth sanchez

Been playing games since the dawn of Mario. Although was not given the chance to have his own console when he was a kid-- got through it by playing with friends.

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